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NFL expert picks, Week 12:

Our staff takes their best shot at predicting this week's winners

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After another week of drama in the NFL, our staff had a pretty solid week of "expert" picks. Two correctly predicted 11 of the games, while another three had 10 correct picks. Randy was the only one to be under .500. Here are the results from Week 11.


Now the updated leaderboard. Jesse extended his lead and Andy left the cellar.


Next up are the predictions for Week 12:


Almost all of us are going homer with the Cardinals. Only Robert and Seth have the Colts winning. I think it will be a big win for Arizona.

However, if you notice my picks, I am the only one who thinks that the Jaguars and Dolphins will both win.

There could be some movement on the leaderboard this week, as only one game is unanimously picked -- for the Lions. The overwhelming favorites are the Niners, the Panthers, the Chiefs and Saints.

How do these picks stack up with your own personal predictions? Obviously, the playoff life of the Cardinals gets easier if the Niners, Panthers and Bears lose. Of course, Arizona just has to keep winning and this should work out.

Tell us what you think below in the comments.

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