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Fantasy football: Arizona Cardinals must free Andre Ellington

Andre Ellington is easily the Cardinals' best running back, but Bruce Arians insists on giving Rashard Mendenhall more playing time. In this cathartic Call to Arms, Matt Ufford demands that Arians set Ellington free.

One of the biggest disagreements that Arizona Cardinals fans have had with head coach Bruce Arians is how he has used rookie running back Andre Ellington. He has been the team's best playmaker, but Rashard Mendenhall continues to get more carries.

Fantasy football owners and fans alike have been calling for #FreeEllington, with the hope that he will start getting more carries.

However, it isn't that simple. The coaches, and even general manager Steve Keim, do not see him as an every down player in the running game. They don't believe that he can physically take the beating of 25-30 touches per game.

They believe that he should get between 15-20 touches between running the ball and catching the ball. For the most part, they have been successful in doing that.

Despite the team's belief in limiting his touches and snaps, do you agree with Ufford? Do you think he should be the guy to get most of the carries?

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