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NFL Week 12 preview: Colts/Cardinals is one of league's best matchups

The biggest game of the NFL Week 12 slate is the Sunday Night Football showdown between the Broncos and Patriots, as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady face off for the 14th time in their Hall of Fame careers. But there are other notable games as well, games between playoff contenders, a coin flip of an NFC East battle, and a raging tire fire down in Houston. Matt Ufford and the Uffsides crew preview Week 12's games and make their picks.

Week 12 has the BIGGEST GAME OF EVERY YEAR EVER with Tom Brady and Peyton playing against one another for the 14th time in their career. However, after getting past the hype, the Cardinals and Colts were mentioned as one of the week's best five matchups.

Even better? Matt Ufford picks the Cardinals to win!

Of course, when they talk about the game, they manage to act shocked about Arizona's record and focus on Andre Ellington's hair being pulled out and Rashad Johnson's fingertip being severed.

At least they are mentioning the Cardinals.

Now, if you missed it, make sure you watch Ufford's scathing callout of Bruce Arians for not giving Ellington more carries in the running game.

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