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Colts vs. Cardinals results: 10 observations in 40-11 win

The stats are in, the postgame stories are being written. These are things I noticed.

Christian Petersen

Without getting into a story with quotes or stats, I want to give you some of my observations from the 40-11 win the Arizona Cardinals had over the Indianapolis Colts.

1. This game reminded me of two game in the past -- one was the Eagles game last season and the other is the 2007 game against the Steelers. It mirrored the game against Pittsburgh because it was like Ken Whisenhunt facing his old team and getting the win. The Eagles game last season was the one that looked dominant in all phases.

2. Even though there was only one sack by the defense, they got a lot of pressure on Andrew Luck. That caused the problems he had.

3. Bruce Arians has officially committed to the running game! They attempted another 30 rushes. They attempted over 20 last week despite zero success. This offense finally has balance.

4. Rashard Mendenhall showed us why Bruce Arians keeps giving him the ball. His burst was back. Maybe it really was his health that was the issue. We will see as the season goes on. But you have to like when you get 78 total yards from him and 93 from Andre Ellington.

5. Michael Floyd has become the team's best receiver. It isn't Larry FItzgerald, and that isn't a slight to him -- it is big props to Floyd. He is making the catches we used to see Fitz making. He is fighting for yards after the catch. He is becoming a star.

6. Carson Palmer...looked really good! He had another game without a turnover and he had several throws that were absolutely fantastic. He now has 16 TDs to his 15 INTs.

7. The offensive line played so well. Palmer was sacked three times, but he had time to throw and a pocket to step into. Great job.

8. Rashad Johnson can hit. Boom.

9. The fans were into it. They were fired up and noisy in moments they normally would have to be prompted.

10. I'm ready to say it. This team is playoff-caliber. They might not make it, but they are a team to be reckoned with.