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Arizona Cardinals week 12: Birdbrained Award

Who took home the Birdbrained Award for their week 12 performance?

Really, .no hands
Really, .no hands
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

40-11, the Arizona Cardinals pancaked the Indianapolis Colts Sunday afternoon en route to a 7-4 record. While a 40-11 score implies a drubbing, and there certainly was that feel to the game, there were a couple of plays that tarnished the overall good feeling of the game and are nominees for the Birdbrained Award.

Patrick Peterson penalty for pass interference on T. Hilton, which led to the Indianapolis Colts scoring a field goal from the newly gained field position at the Arizona ten yard line.

Penalty on Jim Dray for holding which negated the six yard touchdown run by Rashard Mendenhall. This penalty forced the Cardinals to pick up three points rather than seven.

Bradley Sowell getting beat by Robert Mathis who sacked Carson Palmer and forced a fumble. Daryn Colledge falls on to the ball, ensuring the Cardinals keep possession, but once again this moment forces the Cards to settle for a field goal rather than a touchdown.

In review, I've got to hand the award to Jim Dray for his hold. Watching the play again it appears the man he holds wouldn't have made the play on Mendenhall. But rather than 7, the Cards get backed up and settle for 3.

How about it world, who gets the Birdbrained Award in your opinion? Make your voice heard below.