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Colts vs. Cardinals results: 5 negatives in the win

In the big win, it wasn't perfect.

Christian Petersen

This season even during the Cardinals wins it has been easy to find negatives but this week it hard as the team performed very well on every level. So before you go on a rampage, just remember we won and I have to write five negatives.

Carson Palmer

After taking three sacks... just kidding, Palmer had a great game. I just wanted to raise some heart rates.

The Offensive Line

This time I am serious. Yes I know overall the line played well in both pass protection and in the run game but did give up three sacks. Indy has a decent line that is led by Robert Mathias, but they are not of the same caliber as the Rams, Seahawks and 49ers. The line is getting better but giving up three sacks is not good enough, they have to continue to improve.

Tight Ends

Apparently the Cardinals defense and Yeremiah Bell in particular cannot cover TEs. Bell always seems to be the guy giving up a TD to a TE. Sure he is always close to making a play, but always being close and never making one is starting to get painful. Something needs to be done.

Missing Sacks

This is a weak point and I know it but watching Mathieu, Campbell and Abraham all miss sacks was disappointing. With guys like Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson coming up these tackles need to be made to help defensive backs not get exposed by staying in coverage an extra few seconds. Easier said than done.


To end a weak article on a weak point, the Cardinals were penalized 9 times for 84 yards. The Cardinals are playing much better but being the over demanding fan that I am I want more and part of that is cleaning up the unnecessary penalties.