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Can the Arizona Cardinals win the NFC West?

We take a look at what needs to happen to win the NFC West for the Arizona Cardinals....

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Playoff Machine is up and running..... and its nice that your Arizona Cardinals (at least for a day) are up there in playoff contention... 2009 was so long ago.....

That being said the first thing i wanted to do is see what it would take to win the NFC West. Here is how I did it:

Hopefully that works as it would appear to be the worlds longest URL.

While I believe that it is 99.9% improbably that scenario happens, it is not completely impossible. But there are a few things that has to happen which very well could happen:

1) Cardinals win out. Only way to get there is to get to 12-4 the way they looked yesterday I think they really could give Seattle a run for their money.

2) San Francisco wins out..... except week 17....(never thought i would go for this but cheer for them) and even in my playoff machine if AZ loses that weekend they still get to the playoffs but we could be playing for a bye at home.

3) I'm sure you are saying Seattle is 10-1 how do they lose a 3 game lead (well two losses are to SF and AZ for this to work) their next game is vs New Orleans which is a very good team and they could get beat. Then they have to have a down game i put it in as the giants. It will be cold, it will be an east coast trip, but maybe St. Louis plays well and surprises us.

All i know is the AZ cardinals need to keep winning.... Like Dorie.... "just keep winning, just keep winning"