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Colts vs. Cardinals: Vote for the Week 12 play of the game

Watch the plays of the week from the Colts game and vote for your favorite.

Norm Hall

The Arizona Cardinals decimated the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, winning the first 40-11 game in NFL history. With the strong offensive output come many offensive highlights. And though the defensive showing was equally impressive, there were not as many highlight-reel plays from which to choose.

It's clear Carson Palmer will win player of the game honors this week judging by his vote tally. He is a part of all four offensive plays shown here, so unless the defense wins it, he will earn a clean sweep of the weekend.

Here are the candidates for Week 12 play of the game.

Mendenhall swings with Palmer

You could see this one being set up live. As running back Rashard Mendenhall made his way to the top of the screen, no defender followed him.

Palmer hit him with the swing pass and, after encountering a defender near the line of scrimmage, Mendenhall screamed past him and down the sideline for a 24-yard gain. But it's not the play itself that is reason to vote for it (if you wish), it's the fact that Mendenhall showed more burst on that single play than at any point in the past season-plus since returning from an ACL tear.

Does he have his shiftiness back? Boy, is that needed right now.

Palmer-to-Fitz part 1

The body control wideout Larry Fitzgerald displays on his first touchdown is quite amazing. He had to shed cornerback Vontae Davis -- perhaps illegally -- before making a twisting, high-point grab for the game's first score.

Fitz had only five receptions for 52 yards, but his first two catches on the afternoon were touchdowns. That's efficiency by definition.

Dansby finally gets one

It wasn't for a lack of trying, but inside linebacker Karlos Dansby dropped as many as five sure pick-sixes this season before finally picking off Andrew Luck and rumbling 20 yards for his third career touchdown.

It was his second interception of the season, making this his fourth season with multiple interceptions in 10 NFL seasons. All have been with the Cardinals.

Palmer's beauty to Floyd

This pass was the second best Palmer threw against the Colts. Two defenders in his face could not rattle him as he delivered a strike to receiver Michael Floyd, which resulted in a 29-yard gain.

Floyd made a nice adjustment to the ball and, once again, Davis had no chance to make a play on it. Palmer was on fire all day, and this was yet another example of that.

Palmer-to-Fitz part 2

Some have called this Palmer's best pass to date with the Cardinals. There will be no disagreement here. He had to double-clutch the ball before letting go a rainbow while getting drilled by a defender.

The pass? Well, it's what you call "dropping it in the bucket." He hit Fitzgerald in stride over two defenders for touchdown No. 2 in as many receptions for Fitz.