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Arizona Cardinals has Top 10 defense in many categories after win over Colts

Who thought the team would be even better defensively than last year's squad?

Christian Petersen

After a 40-11 win over the Indianapolis Colts, the Arizona Cardinals defense looked good. We have seen how good they are overall. Now the overall rankings show that they are one of the best defenses in the league. Entering Week 13, Arizona now has the seventh best defense in yardage allowed. Entering Week 8, they were 16th and they have steadily risen.

Arizona Cardinals NFL Defensive Rankings By Week
Week Ranking
8 16th
10 13th
11 13th
12 9th
13 7th

They still rank second in the league against the rush, allowing only 81.3 yards per game. Against the Colts, they gave up only 80, including 33 yards that were gained on the final drive for the Colts, when the game was completely decided. 28 other yards came on an Andrew Luck scramble on what was originally a pass play.

But the rush defense has been there all season. The other metrics have come around, too. Here is where the Cards rank in many categories.

Arizona Defensive Rankings - 2013
Stat Rank
Yards/Game 7th
Yards/Play 4th
Points/Game 8th
Rush Yds/Game 2nd
Rush Yds/Play 3rd
Pass Yds/Play 4th

Arizona and Carolina are the only two teams to be ranked in the top 10 in each of those categories.

One of the biggest concerns in the offseason was how the team was going to perform defensively after the departure of Ray Horton. Most expected there to be a step back, some even thought it would be significant.

Who thought that the defense would be even better?

No one is pining the loss of Horton. Todd Bowles has proven himself this season.

With five weeks to go, this team is playing some of its best football. If the defense keeps it up, then Arizona will likely find itself in the postseason and be a very scary opponent to play.

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