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Arizona Cardinals podcast: Reviewing the win over the Colts, talking NFC playoff race

Listen to the latest ROTB Radio show.

After a big win by the Arizona Cardinals and the team firmly in the playoff picture, it was time to have another episode of Revenge of the Birds Radio. Seth and I were on the air live on Tuesday night to discuss the things that stood out, the negatives and then the playoff race.

Among what we discussed, we talked about what stood out -- the running game and the play of Carson Palmer and the offense in general for me, while Seth was more about the defense.

What were concerns? We discussed the running game moving forward. I also mentioned the fact that they could play really well and still get left out of the playoff race.

Some stats were shared about the defense, the offense and about Bruce Arians and the teams where he has been on staff. For the latter of the three, you will notice a trend -- those team win and win quickly.

We go over the rest of the Cardinals schedule and talk about how many wins it will take to get into the postseason and what games they can afford to lose in the remaining five games on the schedule.

Listen to the show using the player above at the top of the article, using the streaming player below, or by using this direct link.