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Which Philadelphia Eagles player would Arizona Cardinals fans take?

Is there a player that you covet?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals set to play the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, we pose a familiar question -- which player would you like to have on the Cardinals?

Based on the conversation in a similar post over at Bleeding Green NationPhilly fans would love to have Patrick Peterson or Daryl Washington.

From the Philly offense, would you like to have LeSean McCoy? He is only the best running back in the league this year. What about a receiver to take the top off of defenses? How about DeSean Jackson? Riley Cooper?

At tight end, they have young and old -- Brent Celek and Zach Ertz. They could make a decent addition.

What about the offensive line? They have Lane Johnson, whom many had hoped Arizona would draft if he fell to them at number seven.

On the defensive side, since the Cards are so strong, it is a little harder. Fletcher Cox is playing very well. Maybe Trent Cole off the the edge? Bradley Fletcher paired with Patrick Peterson?

Oh, and that quarterback position? How about the no-interception-throwing Nick Foles?