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Patrick Peterson drops his agent, intent on staying with Arizona Cardinals

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A report came out on Wednesday that Arizona Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson has changed representation, leaving Patrick Lawlor.

Peterson is set to begin negotiations on a contract extension once the season is over.

In the report by Yahoo!'s Rand Getlin, Lawlor suspected tampering was involved and decried the situation for sports agents, where apparently people try and poach players from other agents, despite rules and guidelines from the NFLPA that prohibit such actions.

However, a tweet from Peterson himself tried to address the situation, letting fans know that he intends on staying with the Cardinals.

The mention of other people is interesting. Lawlor was quoted as saying that he has no idea what happened. The tweet makes you think that there was some issue with the agent.

Regardless of the reason, the change does not necessarily signal any issues in negotiations. We may never know the real reason. Anquan Boldin changed agents. I believe Karlos Dansby did, too.

Cardinals fans should, at least for now, rest assured that Arizona is where he wants to be.