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NFL Week 9 TV coverage map

A look at what games will be on in different parts of the country.

Gregory Shamus

The Arizona Cardinals do not play this week, but the NFL will still be on television. What games will you be watching, that is, if you don't have NFL Sunday Ticket?

Thanks to, we have that information.

This week it will be two CBS games and one FOX game.

CBS early game: There will be no game aired for the early game in Dallas, Charlotte or New York City. In Southern California, Las Vegas and surrounding areas, in Texas surrounding Austin, Tampa Bay, South Bend, the Carolinas, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and the Philadelphia area, you will see the Chargers and Redskins. In the Houston area, northern Mississippi, Tennessee, the area around St. Louis and parts of Alabama, Kentucky and Kansas, the Titans/Rams game will be on. The rest of the country will see the game between the Chiefs and Bills.

CBS late game: There are two possibilities. If you are in Maryland, western Virginia or Ohio, you will see the Ravens and Browns play. The rest of the nation will see the Patriots and Steelers.

FOX: Two games are late games. One is Seahawks/Buccaneers. That game will be on in the Pacific Northwest, Nashville and in most of Florida. the other late game is Eagles/Raiders. The areas that will see this game are Buffalo, most of Pennsylvania (not the Pittsburgh area), the District of Columbia, from St. Louis moving west to Topeka and then through much of Nebraska, most of Colorado, much of Wyoming, all of Utah, Nevada outside the Las Vegas area, San Diego and the rest of California north of Bakersfield. The Saints/Jets game will air in Miami, Louisiana, most of Mississippi, in southern Alabama, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, West Virginia, Ohio and New York on up the rest of the Northeast. Falcons/Panthers will air in Northern Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas and the areas around Knoxville. The rest of the United States, including Arizona, will get Vikings/Cowboys.

In the Arizona market, we get Chiefs/Bills, Pats/Steelers and Vikings/Cowboys.