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Revenge of the Birds Radio on the air tonight talking midseason grades, roster moves, 2014 NFL Draft

Catch the latest show live at 9PM Arizona time

Ready to listen to some Arizona Cardinals talk? Tuesday night at 9 PM Arizona time/11 PM Eastern, Seth, RedC and I will be on the air for the 20th episode of Revenge of the Birds Radio.

Tonight, as there is no game to react to, we talk about some of the news in the NFL and the latest roster moves the Cardinals made (signing Jake Ballard, cutting D.C. Jefferson).

We will give our midseason grades for the different position groups and then I will take a backseat and let RedC and Seth do the talking as they will get in to the 2014 NFL Draft and what players could and should be targets for the Arizona Cardinals after the season is over.

If you want to call in live, you may do so -- 646-478-3787. If you can't wait until the show, leave a message at 602-730-1825.

To listen to the show,hit this link here!

And if you can't listen live, no worries. It will be up on the front page in the morning on Wednesday, or you can use iTunes or Stitcher radio to download the episode automatically.