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Larry Fitzgerald talks Carson Palmer, Patrick Peterson, rookie hazing [video]

In a one-on-one spot with Pro Football Talk, he talks about his experience as a rookie.

Larry Fitzgerald has been making media rounds recently,most recently because of a phone he is promoting. He was on PFT 1-on-1 recently and host Erik Kuselias discussed with the Arizona Cardinals receiver some local and national topics.

He talked about what quarterback Carson Palmer does well, especially with his leadership.

Fitz revealed that, outside of football, he is not much of an athlete, citing chess as his best sport.

He was asked about who is better -- Richard Sherman or Darrelle Revis. Naturally, he skirted the question. When asked about where teammate Patrick Peterson fits in, he was not too specific, but simply that he is there at the top with other guys. He did, though, praise Peterson for his ability to do really anything athletically.

The final topic was more national in nature and it was in response to the Jonathan Martin/Richie Incognito story. Fitz told about the line that there is when making rookies work to become part of the team. He said that he had to pay for a lot of things -- dinners, taking teammates to the clubs, breakfasts -- and he didn't have an issue with it.

Of course, it is notable that his rookie contract netted him $13.5 million in his first year. Rookies don't make that much anymore.

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