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Which Houston Texans player would be a great fit with Arizona Cardinals?

We ask the important questions.

Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports

In our preview work leading up to the home contest the Arizona Cardinals have against the Houston Texans, we bring the question to you we have the past few weeks.

What player on the Texans would you pick to join the Arizona Cardinals if you could pick one?

The easy one to pick to start is defensive stud J.J. Watt. Who wouldn't want him? But there is also another guy on the defensive line that would be a nice addition -- Antonio Smith, who once was a Cardinals player.

Want an upgrade at cornerback over Jerraud Powers? Jonathan Joseph is a guy I would love to have.

Pass rusher? Whitney Mercilus has 4.5 sacks. His name came up in mock drafts for the Cardinals when he was getting ready to be drafted.

How about on offense?

Despite already having Larry Fitzgerald, would you like Andre Johnson?

How about Arian Foster?

Would you even consider Matt Schaub? He isn't playing now, but we have seen the numbers. They have a left tackle in Duane Brown. He would be better than Bradley Sowell...and any left tackle than we have seen here in a long time, probably since Lomas Brown.

So, who would it be? Discuss it in the comment section.

While you are at it, why not join the talk about what Cardinals player the Texans fans would like?

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