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NFL expert picks Week 15: Already burned by the Broncos

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 is in the books. Once again it was a good week of picking winner. The worst were 9-7, while Seth and DL did a screaming goo 13-3.


Here is the updated leaderboard:


And now for the Week 15 picks we made. Yes, this is late. However, the proof that we all made our picks before the Thursday Night Football game is the fact we all picked the Broncos to win. Stupid Broncos.


Are you starting to get the idea that we all are of like minds? Almost all the games are heavily in one favor. And guess what? The Jaguars are suddenly a hot pick, now that they have won four of their last five games -- that one loss being to the Cardinals, mind you.

So what do you think of the picks? Obviously, things would be better for the Cards if the Bucs somehow upset the Niners and if the Jets beat the Panthers. Do you have any other teams winning this week?