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NFL Week 15 TV coverage maps for all Sunday games

See what games will be on TV where.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Looking for what games will be on in your local area? You have the right place. Today, in Week 15, there are two FOX games and one CBS game. The info comes from 506 Sports and their maps.

FOX early games:

There will be no early FOX game aired in Indianapolis, Miami or Jacksonville.

49ers/Bucs will air in most of Florida (not in Miami, Jacksonville or West Palm Beach), almost all of New Mexico (excluding a few border areas around Texas), Arizona, Utah, the southwest corner of Wyoming, California, the southeast corner of Idaho, the southwest corner of Colorado and also one small pocket along the New Mexico Border, Nevada (outside the Las Vegas area) and some parts of Oregon.

Redskins/Falcons will air in most of Georgia, Alabama around Montgomery and Huntsville, some areas bordering Georgia in South Carolina and Tennesse, Virginia, parts of West Virginia and parts of Maryland.

Eagles/Vikings will air in Texas and some border areas in New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana around Shreveport, most of Arkansas, the southwest corner of Missouri, the southeast corner of Kansas, Baltimore, Pennsylvania (except the Pittsburgh area), Minnesota, the Dakotas, the western third of Wisconsin, Michigan north of the Great Lakes and in bordering areas around MN/ND/SD in Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming and Iowa.

Bears/Browns will air in most of Nebraska, most of Iowa, the eastern third of Missouri, Illinois, the eastern two thirds of Wisconsin, most of Michigan, Indiana (not in Indianapolis), Ohio, almost all of Kentucky, in and around Pittsburgh and most of West Virginia.

The rest of the country will get Seahawks/Giants.

CBS games:

Bills/Jaguars will air in and around Jacksonville, the coastal area of Georgia, upstate New York including Syracuse going west and north and the northern border of Pennsylvania.

Texans/Colts will air in most of Texas (not in the Dallas/Forth worth areas), the Oklahoma panhandle, some border areas of Mew Mexico, most of Indiana, the areas around Louisville in Kentucky and parts of Illinois (including Peoria and Springville).

Jets/Panthers (a late game) will air in Chicago, Tampa Bay, most of Atlanta, the eastern border of Alabama, the Carolinas, Cleveland, Virginia (excluding the Richmond area), the Philadelphia area, New Jersey and eastern New York.

Chiefs/Raiders (another late game) will air in San Diego, Yuma, Northern California, southern Oregon, most of Washington, parts of Idaho and Montana, most of Nevada, Utah, parts of Wyoming, part of North Dakota, most of South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, parts of Arkansas, most of Missouri, almost all of Iowa, Minnesota, part of Michigan and part of Pennsylvania.

The rest of the county gets Patriots Dolphins.

FOX late games:

No game will air in Charlotte.

Cardinals/Titans will show in Arizona, the area in California near Yuma and most of Tennessee.

Saints/Rams will air in most of the Carolinas, in Georgia and Alabama around Columbus, Louisiana, most of Mississippi, parts of Montana and the Florida panhandle, most of Missouri, much of Illinois and a small corner of Kentucky.

The rest of the country will see Packers/Cowboys.