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Cardinals vs. Titans: Vote for the Week 15 play of the game

Watch the plays of the week from the Week 15 overtime thriller over the Titans and vote for your favorite.

Frederick Breedon

It's not every week we have to watch the Arizona Cardinals blow a 17-point fourth-quarter lead. But when we do, we come dangerously close to having heart attacks while watching.

The Tennessee Titans put up a fight toward the end, scoring 17 unanswered points during the final three-plus minutes of regulation to force overtime.

But without overtime, we would not have two of the candidates for Week 15 play of the game. So it all worked out in the end, as Jay Feely sent the Cardinals to their ninth win of the season.

Here are the candidates for play of the game. Choose wisely, grasshoppers.

#AndreElusive goes for 22

That hash tag is my new nickname for running back Andre Ellington. He seems to make at least two would-be tacklers miss per game, if not more.

On this play, there is no reason defensive end Karl Klug should have missed Ellington other than the fact that the rookie back is too squeaky to catch. Ellington would go on to total 158 yards from scrimmage and lead the team in both rushing and receiving.

Cason's pick-six

Antoine Cason is filling in on the outside for Jerraud Powers, who is filling the nickel corner spot for the injured Tyrann Mathieu. In his first game this season with significant playing time on defense, Cason proved important at key moments.

He picked off two passes, this being the first. He also recovered a fumble on the opening kickoff of the second half. His coverage of Titans receivers was not perfect, but all that matters is he made big plays when the team needed them.

Palmer's skinny post to Ellington

This throw to Ellington from Carson Palmer was fantastic. The skinny post is difficult to throw accurately, and Palmer put it right where it needed to be, which was between multiple defenders.

You can see safety Bernard Pollard fly by the pass as it gets to Ellington -- he was within inches of batting it away. If Palmer's pass is too far out in front, Pollard likely picks it off. Instead, Ellington makes the catch, then jukes safety Michael Griffin momentarily to gain 38 yards, setting up a Palmer-to-Jake Ballard touchdown pass.

Cason's INT in OT

Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was in the middle of marching his Titans offense down the field for a game-winning touchdown before Cason got his hands on another pass. While the corner made a play on an underthrown ball, the real play was made as the Amish Rifle released the pass.

That pass-rusher torpedoing through Fitzpatrick is rookie safety Tony Jefferson. He influenced the throw enough to cause a drastic underthrow, which left a heady Cason with an easy interception and nice return to set up Jay Feely's game-winner.

Feely wins it in OT

Speaking of Feely's game-winner, here it is in all its glory. No, it wasn't from the other side of the country, and no, it didn't clang off any uprights or crossbars on its way through.

But it was awesome nonetheless because it guaranteed the Cardinals a winning season for the first time in four seasons and kept their playoff hopes alive. Great kick, Jay.