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Cardinals vs. Titans results: 5 positives in the 37-34 OT win

These are the good things from the win.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Winning in overtime

Say what you will above the game, the defense, the officiating or anything at all, winning on the road in overtime is a feat. Last week in the NFL home teams went 14-2, setting the stage for a tough game despite the opponent. Arizona did not fail on the road and keeps their desperate playoff push alive.

Andre Ellington

This may be the best game Ellington has had as a pro and he's a rookie. Score another late draft pick gem for the Cardinals. Ellington was phenomenal as both a runner and receiver catching four passes for 87 yards and rushing ten times for 71 yards, a total of 158 yards on just 14 touches.

Carson Palmer

It was another efficient game from Palmer completing 67% of his passes for 231 yards and one TD. Palmer made some great throws including a great throw and catch to Ellington for 38 yards. The quick strike game has helped the line and has made it near impossible for teams to stop Palmer who hit eight different receivers on the day.

Antoine Cason

Cason had a great day for the Cardinals and was one of the few bright spots on the defense with an INT TD that seemingly put the game out of range for the Titans and a huge INT in overtime to give the Cardinals a chance to redeem a sloppy fourth quarter.

Jay Feely

There are several other candidates that may deserve this but when you are perfect on the day and hit the game winner in overtime you deserve special mention. Feely you may not be around next season so thanks for this. Too many years as a Cardinals fans has lead me to think negatively and I was sure you were going to miss. All I could think was "here we go again" so it was nice to win it even it was really, really stressing on my heart and hairline.