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Cardinals vs. Titans results: 5 negatives in the 37-34 OT win

This is the part where you go "glass half-full" mode.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Patrick Peterson

This was one of the worst performances I have ever seen from Peterson. It was so bad it almost lost the Cardinals the game as he was torched by not just the Kendall Wright who is at least talented, but by also by the unheard of Michael Preston for a game tying TD grab. Peterson looked slow and lazy in coverage. I hope he sees the game film and is embarrassed because his NFC West nemesis Michael Crabtree is coming to town and Peterson will have to play a lot better than he did today if the Cardinals are to have a chance.

The Pass Rush

Credit to the Titan's offensive line as for the most part they shut down the Cardinals Blitz Krieg like pass rush. The Cardinals were unable to get much pressure most of the day and when they did Fitzpatrick was able to allude them and look like a pro's pro in the pocket. The defense did get three sacks but that number isn't really impressive when you consider that Fitzpatrick dropped back a staggering 58 times.


We can blame the refs for some bad calls, such how it is okay to mug Larry Fitzgerald but if you hit their WRs hard it's a 15 yard personal foul. Normally I am not one complain about the refs and I believe that the players were mostly responsible for the fouls and that it was not bad refereeing. On the day there was 9 penalties with several on the Titans second TD scoring drive that basically gave the Titans every opportunity in the world to score. Do this against the 49ers or Seahawks and its game over.

Pass coverage

I already singled out Peterson but the really the defense as a unit deserves to be thrown under the bust for their terrible game as together they were pretty bad in coverage. The only saving grace for the pass defense was no egregious missed tackles that lead to huge plays.

Special Teams

The team gave up an onside kick and in the process Larry Fitzgerald was injured. And the return teams are not very good, when's the last time we saw a good punt return? It's time to replace Arenas on kick returns and Peterson on punt returns. Special teams return units need a serious revamp as they have done anything special all year.