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5 Negatives from the Cardinals vs. Eagles

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After mounting a comeback in the second half the Cardinals were unable to overcome their issues to win.

Rich Schultz

The Cardinals came in riding high after trouncing the Colts only to fall back down to earth on the East coast against the Eagles. Time to look at what led the team towards the loss.

Offensive Line

Five sacks, the first leading to a fumble, allowing the Eagles to go up 7-0 is just flat out bad. It is obvious Bradley Sowell is not the answer at left tackle, but I would argue that neither Eric Winston or Daryn Colledge should be starting long term. There is really nothing the Cardinals can do but continue to play Massie and the tight ends as extra blockers.

Secondary (besides Peterson)

I will say Mathieu has his moments, but often he has defend against players twice his size. All three touchdowns were by the Eagles tight ends. Yeremiah Bell is a good run defender, but along with Powers has been terrible playing against the pass. Powers on the other hand, has his moments, but those are just too few and far between.

Third Downs

The Cardinals have been bad all season long on third downs with few exceptions. With Arians making it a point in the offseason it has been a real disappointment all year. It seemed that every series in the first half was killed by a poor drop or interception.


Take away just one of those interceptions and the Cardinals get another touchdown and win the game. The offense had more total yards and first downs over the game it was the fumble off the first drive, the interception on the ensuing drive and the second INT during the third quarter. Oh, and the defense failed to get even one turnover.


Listen, the Cardinals did not lose because of the referees. They lost because they couldn't stop the Eagles from passing, force any turnovers or keep pressure off of Palmer.

But are you kidding me? Without a doubt, the worst officiating the Cardinals have had all season. The officials got a lot of correct calls both ways, but failed to be consistent on the criteria. Mathieu is called for holding for touching the jersey of a player negating an interception. But Floyd has an arm wrapped around him and there is no discussion of a penalty.

Shaughnessy's holding, Jerraud Powers' PI on Cooper. And let's not forget the phantom review allowing DeSean Jackson back on the field.