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Fantasy football results: Week thirteen stand-outs

The Cardinals' and NFL's best fantasy players from week thirteen.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

This week begins with an apology. From after the Colts game...

With an offense showing consistent production on the field and a top ten defense each week, it may just be time to commit Arizona's stars to your own starting line-up.

Sorry about that.

Actually, despite their embarrassing ineptitude on the field, the Cards' offense did pretty well in fantasy again this week. Now that the team has nothing to play for, will they keep up their recent pace?


Carson Palmer - 18 pts

If you started him, Palmer gave your fantasy team a much better chance to win than he gave his actual team. Considering the Cardinals' upcoming schedule, the NFL's leading garbage time passer will have plenty of opportunities to strut his stuff.

Larry Fitzgerald & Michael Floyd - 29 pts

Plenty of yards to go around for these two, and a score for each made for a nice day for the Cardinals' top two wide receivers.


Peyton Manning - 32 pts

Peyton Manning has been setting the NFL standard for quarterback play for years. Though he struggled last week, the Broncos needed him to be at his best against the Chiefs, and that's exactly what they got. In a game with huge playoff implications for both teams, the consistent and dependable Manning shrugged at the pressure and delivered a quality performance. The Broncos are lucky to have a quarterback who steps up when the playoffs are on the line, and it's a big part of the reason Manning will be remembered in the Hall of Fame while countless others will be forgotten minutes after their teams announce their release.

DeMarco Murray & Ben Tate - 28 pts

In a rare tie at the top, Murray and Tate each put up three rushing touchdowns in Herculean efforts for their respective teams. Though both have struggled with injuries throughout their careers, when these two are on their game they're tough to stop.

Eric Decker - 41 pts

Josh Gordon who? Decker's four touchdowns this week officially broke fantasy football but it's worth noting that Gordon and Alshon Jeffery each nearly scored forty points as well. The next closest player? Brian Hartline, with eighteen.

Zach Ertz - 19 pts

There's a rumor going around that the Cardinals can't defend tight ends...

Lions D/ST - 22 pts

Another high-scoring week for fantasy defenses as Detroit roughed up a hapless Green Bay squad. Until Aaron Rodgers returns, starting whatever defense will be playing the Packers looks like a valid fantasy strategy.