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NFL Week 16 picks: 49ers, Rams, Chargers are popular staff picks of the week

The ROTB staff take their shot at the winners of the

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Only two weeks left in the regular season and we saw movement at the top of the board in our staff picks. Yours truly caught Jesse Reynolds at the top, having the best set of picks for the week at 12-4, and nobody did worse than 8-8. The Broncos failed us all, though, as did the Saints.

Here is how things played out for us.


Now for the updated leaderboard.


And now our attention is turned to our Week 16 picks. Can someone pull ahead in the end? Seth has gotten himself within striking distance. Here are the picks for this week.


Jesse apparently didn't want to trust the Broncos after their loss to the Chargers and is going for the super upset with the Texans topping Denver. That's either ballsy or stupid.

We even have three bold writers pick the Cardinals for the win in Seattle.

What do you think of this week's picks?