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NFL Week 16 TV coverage maps for early and late games

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Find out what games are on where in the United States.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

It is Week 16 and there are a bunch of very important games to help determine the shape of the postseason. NOt sure what games you will be watching? Or are you out of town for the holidays and want to know if the game you want to see is on where you are staying? Either way, here is the coverage of the different Sunday games, as found on 506 Sports.

This week, the country gets two CBS games and on FOX game.

CBS early games:

Because of NFL rules, no game will be on the CBS early schedule in Cincinnati, St. Louis, Buffalo, Washington, DC or Charlotte.

Dolphins at Bills will air in almost all of Florida (excluding the Jacksonville area), southern Georgia and the southeast corner of Alabama, the nation's capitol, the northern border of New York north of Syracuse and the southwest tip of New York crossing just into Pennsylvania.

Browns at Jets will air in Ohio (excluding CIncinnati), part of West Virginia, in Erie and Scranton in Pennsylvania, most of New York and western Rhode Island and Massachusetts.

Titans at Jaguars will air in Jacksonville, coastal Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama in Huntsville, Mississippi in Tupelo and some border areas in Kentucky and Arkansas.

Colts at Chiefs will air in parts of California in San Francisco and north along the coast, some California areas bordering Nevada, most of Western Nevada, the western part of Washington State, much of Oregon, Kansas, almost all of Nebraska and Oklahoma, Iowa, Missouri (excluding St. Louis), Illinois (excluding the area near St. Louis), Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina in Charleston, much of Kentucky and Virginia, in Pittsburgh, Rochester and Philadelphia.

The rest of the country will get Broncos at Texans.

CBS late games:

No game will air in Seattle and the northwest part of Washington.

Raiders at Chargers will air in California (except the northern border), western Nevada and Yuma.

Steelers at Packers will be broadcast in parts of Montana, Wyoming, Indiana and Nebraska, in the Dakotas, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, the northern border of Missouri and in most of Illinois, Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

The rest of the country gets Patriots/Ravens.



Saints/Panthers will show in Southern California, most of Nevada, the eastern half of Wisconsin, Buffalo and Rochester, in part of Massachusetts, parts of Illinois, Indiana Virginia and Kentucky, in Louisiana, most of Mississippi, in the Florida panhandle, Alabama, Georgia and the Carolinas.

Cowboys/Redskins will air in New Mexico, the northeast corner of Arizona, two small areas in Colorado, New Mexico, Texas (excluding Houston), Oklahoma, most of Kansas, most of Arkansas, parts of Mississippi, Indiana and Kentucky, part of West Virginia, in Virginia and the capitol and in most of Pennsylvania.

Vikings/Bengals will air in northern Maine, Boston, Baltimore, PIttsburgh, most of Ohio, parts of West Virginia, Kentucky, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Wisconsin and Missouri, in most of Iowa and in in Minnesota and the Dakotas.

Bucs/Rams will be broadcast in the middle of Florida, most of Missouri and in parts of Illinois and Kentucky.


Giants/Lions will air in most of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, in Connecticut, in Miami and West Palm Beach, in Michigan, in most of Indiana and Illinois and in parts of Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri.

The remaining areas will get Cardinals/Seahawks.