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Go Atlanta Falcons.... Make this your super Bowl

All I want for Christmas is the "win and you're in" game.......

Scott Cunningham

In 2003 the Arizona Cardinals were 3-12 going into the final game of the season.  While the season sucked.... (shocker i know) two things came out of that season... 1) Larry Fitzgerald was the third overall selection in the 2004 NFL draft, Hes okay and 2) we got Karma... LOTS OF KARMA....

Going into the last game of the season Minnesota Vikings had to win their final game of the season to ensure that they got into the playoffs and the Green Bay Packers did not.  Of course no one gave the cardinals a chance in hell of winning the game, I didn't, but I remember that I didnt want the cardinals to win...  after all in those days you thought about how a win would ruin their draft pick.  And then this happened:

Still makes me smile every single time I see it... that is how you know those 1999-2006 years really sucked a fat one.

Ironically, your AZ Cardinals are now the team that is hoping and praying that a team that is far inferior can beat a team that, to be honest, should kick the living crap out of them.  I for one am hoping for an Atlanta Falcons win on Monday night.  If that were to happen, the Week 17 game at home versus the San Francisco 49ers would be a "win and you're in" game next Sunday.

There is still a way to get in on Week 17 if we beat San Francisco and Tampa Bay wins regardless of Monday's game.

Karma has been carrying a debt for far too long and it is time to cash in our chip, Who wants it, Atlanta or Tampa Bay?