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Cardinals vs. Seahawks results: 5 negatives in the 17-10 Arizona win

Time to nitpick a bit after the biggest win in a long time.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to keep this short because while it was ugly and despite how pissed off Carson Palmer's play made me, it was a victory.

Carson Palmer's play

This is easy -- four interceptions. Two were off tipped passes, but both were terrible decisions. It was about an ugly a game as I have ever seen from Palmer but redeemed because of a single TD throw.

Patrick Peterson's play on special teams

No, today I won't be bagging on his coverage. Peterson did give up a catch or two, but for the most part his coverage was smothering and constantly took Wilson's WRs away.

I am harping on him because he made some big mistakes on punt returns, such as letting one go over his head which Seattle pinned down deep. It's too late in the season to take him out but I think it's time someone else played there.

The special teams unit overall

The punt team allowed 15.7 yards per punt return on three returns with one punt gashing the unit for 47 yards. On punts the return team only gave Peterson enough space to return two kicks. On kick returns Seattle average 25 yards on 5 returns, giving Seattle decent field position to start drives. It may seem like small peanuts but every yard matters and in a hard fought game field position is everything. Finally, Javier Arenas was underwhelming as a kick returner. Next year I hope to see some big changes.

No help for the Cards

The Saints get the last negative, blowing their lead against Carolina with two minutes left and all but ending the Cardinals playoff hopes. Arizona's only chance is a Atlanta upset over San Francisco or a Tampa Bay win in New Orleans, which seem very unlikely. Who dey? Not Arizona's friends.