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A Christmas wishlist for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans

What do they and we want for the holiday?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

It is Christmas morning! Many of us are getting gifts -- things we hoped for, things we expected and even things we didn't expect.

What about the Cardinals and us the fans? What was on our wish list?

First and foremost, if there is one thing we could get, it would be a magical showing by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in New Orleans to knock off the Saints for their only home loss of the year, leaving the Cardinals to do their work of defeating the San Francisco 49ers.

Some other wishes?

Karlos Dansby, having his best year in the pros, has a few things -- a Pro Bowl berth, some offseason hardware like Defensive Player of the Year and, probably more importantly, cash. He will want a nice new contract.

Patrick Peterson would like some cash in the offseason, too. He is due for a contract extension. However, before then, he wants to have a game against Michael Crabtree like he had against Andre Johnson. Crabtree has given him fits in his young career.

Carson Palmer would like to get to the playoffs and win a game. He has yet to do that in his career. Let's add three touchdown passes in the regular season finale so he can reach 25 for the season --that would give him the sixth most touchdown passes ever by a Cardinals QB.

Ryan Williams would like to play. It won't happen in 2013, but here's to looking to 2014.

The organization and fans hope that Todd Bowles does not get hired as a head coach anywhere else.

The fans in general? We first want the postseason. After that, we want sustained success. No post-1998 dismantling of the team. Draft a left tackle, get a quarterback ready for after Carson Palmer. Keep the defense intact.

Is there anything missing?