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NFL Power Rankings Week 14: Cardinals Drop in the Rankings

Just four weeks of football left and the playoff picture has solidified at the division leader level, but wildcard spots are still up for grabs. Your Week 14 power rankings are here:


1: Seattle Seahawks (11-1) Last Weeks Ranking: 1

I'm writing this after watching Seattle destroy New Orleans. Sure there may be a few games to play, but right now the Seahawks are the team to beat, period.

2: Denver Broncos (10-2) Last Weeks Ranking: 4

The Broncos laid to rest any talk of the Chiefs challenging them for the division. Peyton and company found themselves down at Arrowhead Stadium early only to turn it on in the second for the win.

3: New England Patriots (9-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 3

It wasn't pretty and it wasn't easy, but once again the Patriots win, and winning is really all that matters.

4: Carolina Panthers (9-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 5

Are Cam Newton and the Panthers for real? Carolina has solid momentum heading into the final stretch of the season.

5: New Orleans Saints (9-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 2

Sure the Saints lost, so they get bumped down, but bear in mind that the Saints lost to Seattle on the road. New Orleans is still a dangerous opponent.

6: San Francisco 49ers (8-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 7

The Niners appear to have the final playoff spot cinched as the Cardinals lost and the Niners beat the Rams Sunday.

7: Kansas City Chiefs (9-3) Last Weeks Ranking: 6

The Chiefs had a chance to silence the critics, putting the Broncos on the ropes. Then the second half happened. Gotta beat the good teams to be considered legit.

8: Indianapolis Colts (8-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 9

The Colts bounce back from a bad loss the week before to the Cardinals, taking out the Titans. The win keeps them ahead of the pack in their division, but the Colts are going to need help once the playoffs start.

9: Cincinnati Bengals (8-4) Last Weeks Ranking: 10

The Bengals win again, this time against the Chargers. Are Andy Dalton and company for real? We'll find out come playoff time.

10: Philadelphia Eagles (7-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 11

Nick Foles and the Eagles outlasted the Cardinals by playing mistake free football. I'm still not sold on Chip Kelly as a head coach, but for today the team is good enough to be better than most.

11: Dallas Cowboys (7-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 12

Tony Romo and the Cowboys continue to keep pace with the Eagles in the NFC East, this time with a win over the Raiders. Who's gonna blink first?

12: Detroit Lions (7-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 14

40 points against the Packers. If the Lions played that way every week the power rankings would be a different story. Someday they may put it together.

13: Arizona Cardinals (7-5) Last Weeks Ranking: 8

Ugh. For Cardinals fans that had to hurt. Three turnovers killed any chance of victory on Sunday. The Cards are another team that lacks consistency.

14: Baltimore Ravens (6-6) Last Weeks Ranking: 19

The Ravens beat the Steelers on the leg of Justin Tucker. Winning a game due to 5 field goals does not impart confidence, can the Ravens use this to springboard their turnaround?

15: Chicago Bears (6-6) Last Weeks Ranking: 13

The Bears lost to the Vikings in overtime, and Adrian Peterson carved up the Bears defense. Still competing for a playoff spot, the Bears have little room for error now.

16: New York Giants (5-7) Last Weeks Ranking: 20

The Giants beat the Redskins. That's like saying liver beat brocolli, they're both bad. I'm surprised the fans have been as quiet as they have so far.

17: Miami Dolphins (6-6) Last Weeks Ranking: 22

The Dolphins crushed the Jets for the win. That doesn't make the Dolphins a good team however. Too many distractions and injuries hurt this team before they hit their stride.

18: Pittsburgh Steelers (5-7) Last Weeks Ranking: 15

The Steelers lost by two points even though Ben Roethlisberger threw for 2 TD and Le'Veon Bell ran for another. The Ravens beat them by scoring a TD and kicking 5 field goals. How does that happen?

19: Green Bay Packers (5-6-1) Last Weeks Ranking: 16

The Packers were crushed by the Lions on Sunday. At this point in time I'm not sure the return of Aaron Rodgers will be enought to see the Packers to the playoffs.

20: San Diego Chargers (5-7) Last Weeks Ranking: 17

The Chargers drop a close one to the Bengals as the Chargers continue to be one of those teams content to huddle in the middle of the pack.

21: St. Louis Rams (5-7) Last Weeks Ranking: 18

The Niners put the Rams down Sunday. Hurt by injuries, the Rams are one of those teams that contest every play, keeping them in games.

22: Minnesota Vikings (3-8-1) Last Weeks Ranking: 29

The Vikings managed an upset over the Bears in overtime. Adrian Peterson continues to be a workhorse at RB for the Vikings, and for once he got some contributing help.

23: Atlanta Falcons (3-9) Last Weeks Ranking: 30

The Falcons plucked the Bills in a close game. The offense clicked for the Falcons, but until the defense tightens up Atlanta isn't moving far.

24: Jacksonville Jaguars (3-9) Last Weeks Ranking: 31

Playing with heart, the Jaguars scored a victory over the Browns. While the victory was a huge moral lift, it was only a blip in an overall horrid season.

25: New York Jets (5-7) Last Weeks Ranking: 21

The Jets, sometimes they look solid and other times they look like the circus borrowed football pads. Sunday against the Dolphins it was the latter at work.

26: Tennessee Titans (5-7) Last Weeks Ranking: 23

The Titans were game, but they couldn't keep up with the Colts. This loss dims their playoff chances.

27: Buffalo Bills (4-8) Last Weeks Ranking: 24

Buffalo continues to go through their growing pains, this time in a loss to the Falcons. Improvement won't be this year, but the talent is starting to gel.

28: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-9) Last Weeks Ranking: 25

All good things come to an end, and for the Buccaneers that occured when they lined up against the Panthers and got thoroughly thumped.

29: Oakland Raiders (4-8) Last Weeks Ranking: 26

The Raiders lost to Dallas. Rookie Matt McGloin is getting the look at QB while the Raiders compete, all in an effort to determine which pieces to keep moving forward.

30: Cleveland Browns (4-8) Last Weeks Ranking: 27

The Browns lost to the Jaguars in a close game, and continue to be a team looking towards 2014.

31: Washington Redskins (3-9) Last Weeks Ranking: 28

Week in and week out the Redskins continue to be a team in disarray. From "mistrewn" comments to fathers in the locker room to going away from working gameplans, the Redskins manage it all.

32: Houston Texans (2-10) Last Weeks Ranking: 32

Things are bad for the Texans, who have managed to surpass Jacksonville in bad performances. Who shall be the Texans #1 pick overall?