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2014 NFL Draft: Do the Arizona Cardinals have interest in Johnny Manziel?

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The Cardinals have had a strong contingent at Texas A&M games the last two weeks.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

While things on the field for the Cardinals are at a boiling point for the season, off the field and in the scouting department the team is just warming up.

Sure they’ve gone through thousands of hours of film already, but now is the time of year when you start venturing out

That's right, for the last two weeks, the Cardinals have sent a heavy presence to the Aggies games.

While the Cardinals have needs at maybe the Aggies most dominant position of offensive tackle, the Cardinals are likely to never have a shot to draft Jake Matthews, and Cedric Ogbuehi is hedging towards staying at A&M for another year.

That leaves either two possibilities:

The Cardinals were scouting the Aggies opponents, LSU quarterback Zach Mettenberger, as well as Missouri and their pass rushing defensive players, or they were scouting the player who is most likely to be the most divisive prospect to come out in 2014... Johnny Manziel.

While the film room on Manziel will come at a later time when he has in fact declared, there's no reason that the proposition of Manziel in a Cardinals uniform can't be discussed.

While there are certainly questions about Manziel's natural ability to push the ball down the field consistently in a Bruce Arians vertical passing game, there is little question that Manziel is a star before ever having taken a snap in the NFL.

Manziel has a natural play making ability that so many other prospects lack, a guy like Zach Mettenberger who is now drawing Carson Palmer comparisons... unfortunately for him down to the blown ACL, that it will definitely intrigue a team.

He's a fiery competitor that relishes the big moment and the big game, and in a division with quarterback darlings like Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson already in place, would be the perfect answer and counter to those players, before ever taking an NFL snap.

He'll bring an instant notoriety to the Cardinals, something they've lacked for... well forever and put a focus on this franchise that they haven't had since their Super Bowl run... before ever taking an NFL snap.

There's the troublesome part of his on the field performance, but that's something to look at another day, when there's confirmation that he'll even be in play, but the idea, the thought that Johnny Manziel could be the "franchise" quarterback that the Cardinals are yearning for is one that makes you stop, think and smile just a little... before ever taking an NFL snap.