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2014 NFL mock draft: Could the Arizona Cardinals land Johnny Manziel?

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A very, very early look at the draft next May.

Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

With a 24-21 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, the playoff hopes for the Arizona Cardinals began fading. Naturally, that means that we should now look at the NFL Draft in 2014.

So, according to their record and the standings for the rest of the league, Arizona would have the 20th pick in next year's draft.

According to SB Nation's Dan Kadar, Arizona would be targeting a quarterback in the first round, and not just any QB.

How about the very polarizing Johnny Manziel?

"While Carson Palmer may be signed through the 2015 season, his final year is voidable," explains Kadar.  "Given his struggles and age, the Cardinals would be smart to find a player who can come in and develop for a year.

"Manziel's skill set is unique, but he has some tools to succeed in the pro game. Namely, his arm is looking markedly stronger and he's seeing the field better. He still tends to freelance a lot, but Ben Roethlisberger did well doing that for head coach Bruce Arians in Pittsburgh."

A selection of Manziel would certainly move the interest needle quite a bit. People would be talking about the Arizona Cardinals.

The question much does the interest needle work for you as a Cardinals fan? Would you welcome Johnny Football? Would you be disappointed? Let us all know in the comments section.