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NFL expert picks, Week 14: Staff loves the Saints, Seahawks...and Jags

A look at our resident "experts" and their winner picks for the week.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Last week in our staff picks, two either abstained or forgot. However, results for the staff ranged from not so good (Shaun) to incredible (Andy). The Cowboys, Patriots and Panthers didn't disappoint, but the Bears and Chargers did. Here is what happened last week with our picks.


And here are the current standings. As you can see, I am moving on up. Andy made a big jump.


Now for the picks for Week 14:


There are a lot of teams in common. Things probably won't change much in the standings based on how these picks look. The Saints are heavy favorites for us, but that partly must be because Drew Brees is awesome at home and we need the Saints to win and bump the Panthers down a bit.

Did anyone think earlier think that most people would pick both the Jags and Bucs to win in the same week? We have all jumped on the Jags bandwagon.

Are there any crazy picks? Well, to me, deveau's picking the Rams is crazy talk, considering what is at stake for the Cardinals.

What do you think of the picks? Who do you have winning? And who do you think will end up the winner?