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Rams vs. Cardinals results: 5 negatives in the Arizona win

A look at the not so good stuff from the Week 14 victory.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals got the win over the St. Louis Rams. It was good to get a win, especially in the division. Here is a look at the not-so-nice things in the game.

An untimely turnover

Arizona could have put the game away even earlier, but Jim Dray fumbled away a touchdown. There is never a good time to lose the ball, but you can't do it at the goalline. It could have been 21-3 at halftime and the game would have been all but over.

The Honey Badger injury

This will probably go down as the biggest loss of the game, as Tyrann Mathieu is potentially looking at missing the rest of the season, and if it is a torn ACL, it could impact the start of next season for the standout rookie. The worst thing is that it came on the play it did. It was a safety free kick. Like Bruce Arians said, "I wish they would have kicked it to Patrick (Peterson)."

The offense lulled in the third quarter

The offense let the Rams get back in the game when they stopped moving the ball. Yes, they had a lead, but it is one of those things you hate to see. They blew a lead against the Rams in Week 1. We don't want to see that again.

Jay Feely was icky

The veteran kicker missed two field goals. One is almost excusable, as it was a 50-yarder, but then he pushed a 25-yarder, too. We can't have that happen again.

Concern about Michael Floyd

This is perhaps premature, but Michael Floyd didn't look right. I get that the ankle was probably an issue, but what had me more worried was after his second and final catch of the game. He didn't come in after that, from what I saw. It looked like he was shaken up on the play, the way he finished falling -- like he may have hurt his head. he has been compared to Anquan Boldin recently...and Boldin seemed to get nicked up a lot while he was here. Maybe I'm wrong, but I wouldn't be surprised if we get word of his being banged up to start the week of practice again.