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Arizona Cardinals Birdbrain Award: Week 14

Who deserves the Birdbrain Award for their play in Week 14?

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 found the Arizona Cardinals at home with the task of winning a divisional game against the struggling but still dangerous St. Louis Rams. A measuring yardstick, the Cardinals opened up quickly and never took their foot off the gas, resulting in a 30-10 victory. However, even with the win there were still a couple of players that managed to make the Birdbrain Award radar for their play.

The nominees are:

Lyle Sendlein - False start. Yes, it was a 5 yarder and the drive didn't stall, but the penalties are hiccups an efficient offense cannot allow, especially from the key piece of the offensive line.

Eric Winston - False start - Again another five yard false start penalty committed by another veteran lineman. Gotta be sharp mentally for execution.

Karlos Dansby - Unnecessary roughness call. Yes, the Rams were already knocking at the goal line when this penalty occurred and as the announcer kept mentioning the game was chippy, however the second man always gets flagged, and guess who you were in that equation Karlos? Yup, #2.

Jim Dray - fumble on the goal line. Watching Dray reminds me of all those guys who lunch pail the job. Always there, always consistent, nothing flashy. So Jim has a chance to score and put some flash to his name, but at the one yard line he takes a brutal hit and loses the ball. Turnover goes to the Rams, and the chance for adding some flash goes swirling down the drain.

In review, the Jim Dray fumble places the TE on the podium for Birdbrain Award recipient. Ball security and points on the board, this fumble managed to much up both. How about it world, who deserves the Birdbrain Award? Make your voice heard in the comments below.