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2013 NFL Draft: The Cardinals will not reach, no matter who they select

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The Cardinals will stick to their traditional ways of taking the best player available in the NFL Draft.


One of the things coaches, front office personnel and fans wonder about with their teams is who they are going to select in the NFL Draft. Will it be that next franchise quarterback or a pass rusher? A cornerback or a safety?

It's impossible to know until a name is read up at the podium, but there is one thing we can be sure of. Whoever the Cardinals take this year, it won't be a reach. Just ask team president, Michael Bidwill.

Bidwill told XTRA 910 (via Darren Urban of that the Cards have no intention of reaching for anyone, just like they wouldn't have under Ken Whisenhunt. Per Urban:

Bidwill had an interesting quote when talking about drafting a quarterback. He reiterated that the team needed to address the quarterback situation, but was going to leave those specifics up to GM Steve Keim and coach Bruce Arians. But he talked about the things he had witnessed in the draft room over the years. "Every time we have reached, we have made a mistake. I don't want to reach. You start reaching for a guy rather than going for best player available, you make mistakes."

It would be interesting to hear who Bidwill thinks the Cards have reached for, but one could assume players like Levi Brown would fall into that category.

Now, just because Bidwill said this, that does not preclude the team from drafting a quarterback in the first round. We do not know what kind of grades they will assess guys like Geno Smith or Tyler Wilson. If they are high on their board, they may go ahead and take them seventh overall.

That said, I think, under the guidance and direction of Steve Keim, the Cardinals stick with Kevin Kolb this season and turn down the idea of drafting that next franchise QB. We have heard over and over again that this quarterback class is not as strong as last year's or many others. It lacks that dynamic guy that is a guarantee blue chip player.

If the Cardinals think Smith, Wilson or anyone else are franchise players, then by all means, take them. Just don't expect them to spend that 7th overall pick on someone they don't completely believe in.

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