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Arizona Cardinals deciding between Flagstaff and Glendale for 2013 training camp

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The team might head back up into the mountains, or they might camp out in our backyard.

Christian Petersen

Arizona Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill was on the air on XTRA 910's Bickley and MJ show on Thursday and among the many topics that were brought up, the hosts asked about the team's training camp and where it will be held. As of now, the team could return to Flagstaff or it might host camp in Glendale at University of Phoenix Stadium.

The Cardinals did not renew their agreement with NAU to host their training camp after last year and have since been taking offers.

"The level of dissatisfaction with NAU was very high," explained Bidwill. "The facilties we were in, they (NAU) moved us out of their best facilities to renovate those best facilities, and then they didn't move us back in. So that was a big problem."

There have been other instances in which they were moved out of the dorms early, "causing problems for the players and the coaches.

NAU is making plans to solve those problems, but Glendale could be the place to go.

"The whole idea behind training camp is both a football activity where we are getting players ready for the season, but it is also a fan activity where we want to bring fans in," Bidwill said. "There are many elements where it is great about doing it in Flagstaff, but there are also great possibilities of doing it at University of Phoenix Stadium. It could be a really a fantastic site. There are a little bit of tradeoffs, but there is no doubt (the camp experience) gets better and better each year and that is something we want to continue to focus on."

Bidwill said that the open camps would still continue, although Glendale would not offer the break from the summer weather.

The positives here? It is closer. It makes it easier to catch one practice as opposed to committing to multiple. the stadium can house more people.

The negatives? It isn't Flagstaff. The weather is blazing hot. It's still a long drive for a lot of us, but with more traffic issues.

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