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NFL free agency: A look at the unrestricted free agent for the Cardinals

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Are there any of these players you think should be brought back?


The NFLPA released its list of their anticipated unrestricted agents for each team. 13 of them are for the Arizona Cardinals, including big 2012 contributors LaRod Stephens-Howling, Rashad Johnson and Greg Toler. These are all players that have accrued at least four years in the league.

Adams, Michael CB 5

Batiste, D'Anthony OL 6

Eason, Nick DE 10

Groves, Quentin LB 5

Holliday, Vonnie DE 15

Hoyer, Brian QB 4

Johnson, Rashad S 4

Lenon, Paris LB 11

McQuistan, Pat OL 7

Ohrnberger, Rich OL 4

Sanders, James S 8

Stephens-Howling, LaRod RB 4

Toler, Greg CB 4

Take a look. Anyone you say should absolute a guy to bring back? Who should be allowed to pack up and leave?

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