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Arizona Cardinals 2013 schedule one of toughest in NFL

If they are going to get things turned around quickly, it will be against a potentially difficult schedule.


The Arizona Cardinals are hoping for a turnaround after hiring Bruce Arians as their head coach. Doing so will not be easy for many reasons. They do not have the quarterback position cleared up. The offense was in shambles in 2012. The NFC West is tough.

Additionally, looking ahead at the Cards' 2013 schedule, it is potentially one of the toughest in the league.

Granted, it is an imperfect science, but according to a post on, the Cards have the seventh most difficult schedule in 2013.

Their opponents went a combined .520 winning percentage. The toughest schedule? That would be the Panthers, whose 2013 opponents were .543 in 2012.

Now, clearly that schedule is a little bit skewed by the fact that they will play the Seahawks and 49ers twice each and both were playoff teams. This is a stark change between a couple of season, when they had one of the weakest schedule (due mostly to the fact that the NFC West was a doormat).

However, after the Colts turned around from 20-14 to 11-5, Arians can do it. In fact, with the schedule the way it is, a quick recovery to success, which means success in 2013.