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Looking at the contract situations for the Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals may need to make some cuts to satisfy cap rules before the new season begins.


One of the things we are constantly discussing here on Revenge of the Birds is which players will stay and which will go next season. Some feel that there are players that need to be cut simply due to performance and others that should be released due to their contracts.

Whatever the case, each player contributes their fair share against the Cardinals' salary cap. The biggest hit comes from Kevin Kolb, whose cap figures is at $13.5 million next season, according to Spotrac. He is not likely to see all of that money, as the team will either have him restructure his current deal or cut him.

Daryn Colledge, Stewart Bradley, Levi Brown and Adam Snyder are more guys that could fall into the same sort of circumstance. Each of them will incur over $4 million against the cap.

Even if the cap grows due to the infuse of money from the new TV deals in 2014, these are players that new GM Steve Keim, a numbers guy, will take a long look at. Given their level of production, none of the aforementioned players are worth their current deals. It could even be argued that Larry Fitzgerald isn't worth the $5 million salary, $5 million signing bonus and $250,000 workout bonus he is eligible for, but we know he isn't going anywhere.

Some of the guys at the bottom of the list could be cut, too. Of course, practice squad guys and undrafted rookies are always going to come and go. But then you have guys like Beanie Wells, Early Doucet, William Gay and John Skelton that could be cut even if their salaries aren't overly expensive.

The Cardinals do have some very manageable contracts, though most of them are rookie deals. Andre Roberts, Sam Acho, O'Brien Schofield, Anthony Sherman and Dan Williams fall into that category. Aside from Williams, none of them will put more than $1.5 million against the cap next season.

The Cardinals have an available cap rollover of $3.6 million for next season, but they are still going to have to make big cuts (which I expect them to do) if they want to sign free agents and their incoming rookies.

It just comes down to which ones will go and which ones will stay.

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