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Rumor: Could WR Andre Roberts be shopped by the Arizona Cardinals?

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Rotoworld speculates that the Cardinals could cut Early Doucet, shop Andre Roberts this offseason.


We make a lot of stink about how poor the quarterbacks played last season, but if you go back and watch the games, you can see that often times, the receivers were of no help to them. Dropped passes, poorly run routes and an inability to get separation by the receivers often doomed the quarterbacks from the start.

That is why Bruce Arians may look to shake up the wide receiver position on the roster as well. That starts with Early Doucet. Just a couple of seasons ago, Doucet was thought to possibly be the replacement for Anquan Boldin as he had good size and toughness. But now, it looks like Doucet simply needs to go. He drops far too many passes and is always injured.

Evan Silva of NBC Sports and Rotoworld thinks it is a distinct possibility that Doucet is cut this offseason. Here is what he says:

After flashing promise as a slot receiver in 2011 and earning a two-year, $4 million contract last offseason, Doucet took a big step back in 2012 with a flurry of drops and multitude of injuries. Doucet fell to Arizona's No. 4 receiver by season's end, behind Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Roberts, and Michael Floyd. The Cardinals could free up $1.7 million in cap space by cutting him.

If you scroll further down the page, he also has an interesting tidbit on Andre Roberts. Silva believes that Roberts could also be shipped off via trade.

Roberts showed himself to be a serviceable NFL starter in 2012, setting career highs in catches (64), yards (759), and touchdowns (5). He was a bit of a movable chess piece wideout, a poor man's version of Pittsburgh's Antonio Brown. If the Cardinals keep Early Doucet as a slot receiver with Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd outside, Roberts could be a somewhat attractive trade chip. He's entering the final year of his rookie deal and probably not a candidate for extension. More likely, Arizona will release Doucet and use Roberts as its slot receiver in 2013.

I think the last sentence is probably the most true part. I don't see the Cards opting to keep Doucet over Roberts, especially while Roberts is still on his rookie deal. If he is traded, how much could he realistically fetch on the open market? A 4th round pick or worse? Maybe the Cardinals could squeeze a little more out of him, but I doubt it.

I don't see the Cards trading him and nor do I think they should. He is a nice piece to have and if Floyd can continue developing, Roberts can work in the slot, where I think he belongs anyways. To say he isn't a candidate for an extension is pure speculation, as I think it really depends on the type of deal he would look for.

What do you make of these rumors? Do you see Doucet being cut or Roberts being traded? Both? Tell us in the comments section below.

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