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Arizona Cardinals could be looking to bring in quarterback Drew Stanton from the Colts

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New Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians worked with Stanton last season and could bring him in to be a quarterback on the Cardinals' roster.

Andy Lyons

At this point, the Cardinals' quarterback depth chart is somewhat of a running joke. Each and every one of the four quarterbacks that the Cardinals have under control could be on different rosters next season. Kevin Kolb needs to agree to a contract restructuring and John Skelton, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer could all be cut.

I have already said this offseason that I highly doubt Skelton and Lindley are back with the team next year. Skelton has hit his ceiling and it isn't very high. Lindley is a long term project that looks to be in the same mold as Skelton.

If that happens, the Cards will need to sign more depth behind Kolb or draft more rookies. National Football Post speculates that the Cardinals could bring in Drew Stanton, a quarterback that Bruce Arians worked with last year with the Colts. Here is what they say:

There are some rumblings that Colts backup quarterback Drew Stanton may follow Bruce Arians out west to Arizona. Arians was impressed with how Stanton performed in preseason and practiced all season with the Colts, and he needs a quarterback. The fact that Stanton knows Arians' offense and fits in it gives Stanton an edge. Stanton is likely to have multiple suitors, but the Cardinals' opportunity might be the most intriguing for him because it could be his best chance to be a starter.

Stanton has been a decent backup throughout his career with the Lions and Colts, but he has only 187 passing attempts since coming into the league in 2008. To think he could miraculously come in and be a starter is a bit crazy.

If Arians' plan is to bring Stanton in to compete for the starting job after watching him in practice last year, then I don't have much hope for the QB position getting better this year. But if the plan is to bring him in as a second or third string player, then I am all in for that. I watched him quarterback the Lions a couple of years ago when Matthew Stafford went out with an injury and he looked pretty decent.

And if nothing else, at least he could add some more swag to our quarterback corps.

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