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2013 NFL mock draft: Arizona Cardinals and a QB seem to be the trending pick at No. 7

We look at a bunch of mock drafts from around the web to pin down who the Arizona Cardinals might select this April.

Streeter Lecka

It may be just another Tuesday, but that doesn't mean we can't spice it up a little with a few mock drafts. Recently, we have seen lots of people sending Eric Fisher, an offensive tackle from Central Michigan, to the Arizona Cardinals with the 7th overall pick. But in the mocks I have collected today, only two of them have Fisher falling to the Cards at #7.

That starts with an mock draft by Daniel Jeremiah, who thinks the Cards will take Fisher, but ultimately could have interest in NC State QB, Mike Glennon. Walter Football thinks the same thing, mocking Fisher to Arizona, but throwing in a little note about Glennon into their post.

That's why Seth Cox, who has been a guest writer here on ROTB and is now guest writing with Arizona Sports 620, thinks that the Cards end up taking Glennon as high as 7th overall. He cites that Arians is going to want to call deep passing plays and Glennon is the guy that is going to best be able to throw them from this draft.

The latest SB Nation mock thinks the Cards have a similar objective in mind, but will select Tyler Wilson from Arkansas to accomplish it. Wilson also has a big arm, but struggled in his senior year. Still, given the need at quarterback, the Cardinals could reach for him at 7.

Lastly, National Football Post is going with a quarterback, this time in the form of Geno Smith from West Virginia. Smith has been regarded as the best QB in this class by many draft pundits, but the question has always been whether he falls all the way to 7 given Oakland's and Jacksonville's needs at the position as well.

What do you make of all of this? Personally, I am surprised no one thinks the Cardinals will go with a pass rusher at seven. They still lack that premium guy that can get to opposing quarterbacks and there are plenty of those players at the top of this draft.

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