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Michael Vick stays with Eagles with new contract, one possible QB solution off the board for Arizona Cardinals

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Although he has only been part of a few rumors, the QB market already has started to take shape.


In this young NFL offseason, it had long been rumored that quarterback Michael Vick would be released by the Philadelphia Eagles as a salary cap casualty, due to the roughly $16.9 million hit he would have been to the Eagles' salary cap.

However, on Monday, the Eagles and Vick agreed to a restructured deal that essentially is a one-year deal to return to Philly under new head coach Chip Kelly. The contract is reportedly worth up to $10 million. He receives a $3.5 million signing bonus, a $3.5 million base salary and up to $3 million in possible incentives.

The signing of Vick takes one possible solution off the table for the Arizona Cardinals and other teams that are looking to improve their quarterback situation.

As far back as a couple of months ago, Vick's name has been connected to the Cardinals, if nothing more than because they have a need.

While most readers and fans cringed at the thought of Vick coming to Arizona, I personally would not have been upset had the team pursued him. He is the type of player that can provide the type of magic if things are right. Nonetheless, that is no longer an option, and at least those who feared his coming to the Valley can breathe easy.

However, with Vick off the market, it will up the market for the other quarterbacks that will hit the open market or will be available via trade.

A player like Alex Smith, if he becomes a free agent, will now likely be the top target and will be able to command more money. LIkewise, the 49ers could possibly get more for him now that Vick is not available.

If Arizona goes the route of guys around the league already, the price might have gone up just a tad because of simple supply and demand. No Vick means less supply. Of course, with Philly standing pat at QB, the demand has gone down a bit as well, too.

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