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Percy Harvin trade rumors: Should the Arizona Cardinals get involved?

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The playmaking, yet oft-unavailable Vikings player is reportedly available to be had.


The Minnesota Vikings are reportedly looking to trade receiver Percey Harvin. While he has had issues with durability and attitude, he is a dynamic playmaker in the league when he is on the field. Vikings starting quarterback Christian Ponder threw for 200 or more yards in five games with Harvin on the field. With Harvin on the sideline, Ponder finished with just two games of at least 200 yards passing.

Knowing this and knowing the issues that the Arizona Cardinals have had on offense the past two seasons, should the Arizona front office place a phone call?

Harvin is on his rookie contract still, but is looking to get paid, and could hold out if not given a contract extension. However, he is one heck of a player to watch on the field.

One reader commented in another article (I cannot recall which article nor the commenter at the moment) suggesting that the Cards offer receiver Andre Roberts and a third round pick for Harvin. Roberts is also on the final year of his rookie deal and could be a player that the team moves, and Minnesota could be interested because Roberts will not command the money that Harvin will.

Imagine...Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd and Percy Harvin on the same field? That would remind some of the type of ability on the field that the Cards had with Fitz, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston.

There is one big thing to consider, though. Receiver, while the team should have gotten better play from the position, is hardly the problem of the offense. Adding Harvin does not fix the offensive line issues of the guy throwing the football. There was enough of a problem getting the ball to FItz, never mind Harvin as well.

And the money? The Cards couldn't afford to pay him the possible $10 million plus per year he could command. It would be absurd.

While it never was much of a chance that the Cardinals would even consider, if they did, they would be wise to say no. They have a talented player in Roberts, a potential stud in Floyd (provided he continues his improvements from the last half of the 2012 season) and the icon in Fitz. Plus, they really need to be addressing the quarterback position and the offensive line before they think about getting another wideout.

Also, aren't we all tired of players that have a hard time staying on the field?

So as sexy a trio of Fitz, Floyd and Harvin could be, it would take a solid QB to make that work, and then the money wouldn't make sense.

The Cards should save themselves the headaches (see what I did there?) and just roll with the young receivers they already have.

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