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Arizona Cardinals 'need to sit down and discuss' Kevin Kolb contract

Cardinals team president Michael Bidwill aware that team needs to do something with Kevin Kolb's contract.

Jamie Squire

One of the biggest things that the Arizona Cardinals have to address is the quarterback position this offseason, and with that comes the biggest question -- what should the team do with quarterback Kevin Kolb and his contract? The team is reportedly about $3.3 million over the salary cap and has to get that number down by March 12 when the new league year begins.

Kolb is due to make $11.5 million this season and holds a $13.5 million salary cap number. Even if the team were to cut him, he would still cost the team $6 million against the cap.

Clearly the team needs to look at that contract, and team president Michael Bidwill is aware of it, as he talked about on Arizona Sports 620 on Monday.

"Kevin's contract is probably something we're going to need to address," he said. "It's a big number and given the productivity and the questions about durability and everything, that's something that I think the reality is we need to sit down and discuss."

Of course, there is another part to this. Will Kolb take a pay cut, or will he be willing to take the money a different way? If he is cut, he will probably have other opportunities, including with former coach Andy Reid, who now is the head coach for the Kansas City Chiefs and is also looking for a quarterback. Kolb played for Reid and is familiar with his offense.

On the other hand, Kolb now has big durability issues. Is he going to get more money or opportunities elsewhere? Plus, Kolb himself feels very strongly that there are great things to be done in Arizona, and now he has some coached who have had great success in making quarterbacks successful.

Provided Arians likes what he sees in Kolb, I think the first choice for everyone involved is to have Kolb be the guy. What does that mean? It probably means that this will happen, as long as the team approaches Kolb the right way.

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