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2014 Super Bowl: 7 roles for the Cardinals to fill and who they may be

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What will it take for the Arizona Cardinals to make it to the Super Bowl in terms of team roles?

Ronald Martinez

When the Arizona Cardinals had that magical 2008 Super Bowl run,they worked really well as a team. However, after a 5-11 campaign and a new coaching staff, there are some key team roles to fill now.

So what kinds of traits do the Cards need to find? Different roles, different players who bring in different skill sets and abilities. Not all of them are directly related to the gridiron; locker room cohesion and leadership in film study are important dynamics as well.

If we were to pick a few general labels of success, and match them with a corresponding Cardinals player or coach, what would we have?

The enforcer:

This has to be Adrian Wilson. He is a quiet, but emotional leader. He is respected by all in the locker room. He also is the guy to make a statement hit on the field. You look at Wilson and you see a guy that is thinking "you better not mess with me."

The brain:

While Levi Brown has himself two college degrees, the brain we need to work is the combination of Bruce Arians and Tom Moore to fix the offense and the quarterback position. However, at this juncture, it almost feels like the team needs a magician more than a brain.

The technician:

This one is really quite easy. It is Larry Fitzgerald. He is the one who is the most fundamentally sound. He runs perfect routes. He makes amazing catches. He blocks. He is the perfect example the team needs.

The loose cannon:

You know who this is -- it is Darnell Dockett. He may be staying away from Twitter , but he is the guy you never quite know what to expect.

The prankster:

After having witnessed the players this season beyond the field, you know that offensive lineman Daryn Colledge.

The muscle:

Wilson would make a good candidate here, but since he is already listed above. We now go with Calais Campbell. As a defensive lineman, he is part of the trenches, and at his size, he needs to be the strength of the team.

The motivator:

This is the year when Patrick Peterson needs to step up. He is young enough and well spoken enough to be the vocal leader. As he is on the precipice of being a shutdown corner, he also has some cred from his play on the field. Just another step closer to being like Deion Sanders.

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