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Michael Vick's new contract could be a starting point for Kevin Kolb negotiations

The Arizona Cardinals will presumably look to restructure quarterback Kevin Kolb's contract this season. Luckily for them, they already have another contract to use for reference.


Michael Vick's new one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles is good for both sides of the transaction. Vick gets to work with a head coach that fits his style of play in Chip Kelly and the Eagles get to save money all while playing Vick on a trial basis.

Adam Schefter released the details on Vick's new deal via Twitter a couple of days ago and, needless to say, it looks like the Eagles made out really well.

What interested me about this is that Vick obviously wanted to stay with the Eagles, so he agreed to put a playtime clause in his contract that will pay him more money based on how much he plays. One has to wonder if the Cardinals may consider doing the exact same thing with Kevin Kolb.

Everyone expects the Cardinals to ask Kolb to restructure his deal and he will probably do it. He isn't going to get more money or a guaranteed starting job anywhere else on the open market.

The problem with Kolb has been very similar to what Vick has been dealing with: neither one of them can stay on the field for more than a few games a season. So with this new deal that Michael Vick just signed, the Cardinals front office has more leverage and a baseline for which to work with Kolb's agent on.

It appears the Cardinals are already willing to offer an incentive laden deal, as well.

Kolb really has no room to decline such a notion. Any team is going to want to insert this type of clause after seeing Vick agree to it in Philly. Also, if Kolb declines, he looks like the bad guy for not being willing to work with the team.

Everyone is stating how much the 49ers should love Vick's new deal, as it gives them leverage to trade Alex Smith. But the Cardinals are loving it, too. Now they may get to keep their current quarterback at the price they want.

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