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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Could the Arizona Cardinals trade up to top of the draft?

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Our brother Rams blog Turf Show Times thinks the Cardinals will trade up in the upcoming draft to the #1 selection.


Over the past couple of drafts, we have seen teams become less and less hesitant to give up a handful of quality picks to move up to the top of the draft order in the hopes of securing that next franchise player. We just saw it last season when the Washington Redskins gave away a ransom to select Robert Griffin III second overall.

So, naturally, one could assume that there will be plenty of trades made this year, even with no "star" quarterback at the top. That's why Turf Show Times, our fellow SB Nation Rams blog, has someone trading up to the top yet again. This time, it just so happens to be the Arizona Cardinals.

That's right, TST is mocking the Cards as trading up (they did not disclose which picks they think would be traded) to grab offensive tackle Luke Joeckel with the first overall selection.

Here is what they say:

Nate Potter didn't exactly wow in his rookie year at left tackle. As a result, mocking the Cards to take a tackle is one of the easier selections these days. Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay mocked Central Michigan's Eric Fisher to the Cards at 7th in their updated mocks last week.

And while Kevin Kolb initially dug in against revising his contract, the new brain trust in Phoenix made it obvious that he wouldn't survive in a Cardinals uniform past March 15th when he's due a multi-million dollar bonus. And if the options are unemployment or making a few million instead of $9m, guys usually don't look at unemployment with all that much fervor.

Jess later tweeted (from our ROTB Twitter account) one of their writers that same day on his thoughts about the pick:

Jess is absolutely right. The Cardinals have too many holes to fill on their roster and giving up a bevy of picks to get a left tackle at the top of the draft is not the answer. Besides, many have Eric Fisher, a left tackle from Central Michigan, closing the gap on Joeckel talent wise. One of them may just fall to the 7th pick.

What do you make of this trade up? Would you be in favor of it? Against it like Jess and I? Would the Cardinals even entertain an idea like this?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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