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2/13 Arizona Cardinals news: Kevin Kolb's contract, Ryan William recovering, No John Lott at combine

Wednesday links to start off the day.


In today's links, one writer says no to all quarterback in the first round of the draft. There is more talk about Kevin Kolb and his contract and Darren Urban catches up with running back Ryan Williams.


Kevin Kolb's future - NFL Videos
Ian Rapoport has the latest on Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb and if he will take a pay cut to stay with the team in 2013.

Ryan Williams Embraces "Third Chance"
Running back rehabbing yet again, but remains confident he can succeed

Arizona Cardinals could hit quarterback trifecta with Drew Stanton, Matt Barkley, Brian Hoyer
If whispers are true, the Cardinals could have two Michigan State quarterbacks on their roster in 2013.

Cardinals want to address Kevin Kolb’s contract. Does Kevin Kolb? | Insiders
The Cardinals aren’t in position to release the best QB on their roster, especially one who is 28 years old. But neither do they want to pay Kolb another $11 million for one season.

Note to Cardinals: Beware the QBs in the first round
Conventional thinking says "hey, the Cardinals should draft a quarterback in the first round -- they've got a need there and there are a lot of quarterbacks in this year's class."

2013 NFL draft - Can the Arizona Cardinals find their QB of the future? - ESPN
New Arizona Cardinals coach Bruce Arians faces plenty of questions as he leads a rebuilding effort in the desert, not the least of which is how to address the Cardinals' quarterback situation.

Scouting Combine won’t include John Lott | ProFootballTalk
When this year's crop of incoming rookies heads to Indianapolis next week and shows up for their effort to bench-press 225 pounds as many times as they can (or, in the case of Fred Smoot, to do it once), a familiar face won't be there, straining and yelling and screaming at them to get one more.


2013 NFL Mock Draft: The typical mock draft - Field Gulls
I can guarantee you that my mock draft is 100% accurate. Can anyone else do that?

2013 NFL free agents: The best team money can buy -
NFL free agency is less than a month away and we open the wallet of a hypothetical owner to build the best team money can buy.

Dallas ready to reup with Tony Romo -
The Dallas Cowboys are ready to extend Tony Romo's contract -- and it's without a doubt the right move, as Romo is pivotal to Dallas' success in the near future.

Uffsides: NFL offseason talk with Joe Drape of the New York Times -
Joe Drape is the author of four books and a 15-year veteran of the New York Times. Today at noon Eastern, he joins Matt Ufford to discuss the NFL coaching carousel, the state of journalism in America, and more.

Ray Lewis left his teammates some extra hangers -
Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith sort of confirmed Wednesday that Ray Lewis did in fact retire.

Buccaneers have 'tremendous amount' of cap space for NFL free agency -
For the second year in a row, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are set to be major players in NFL free agency.

James Harrison willing to restructure deal to stay with Steelers -
With the Pittsburgh Steelers facing salary cap problems, linebacker James Harrison is willing to restructure his dealing, but he is not willing to take a pay cut.

Mike Wallace rumors: Browns could aim for Steelers WR -
The Cleveland Browns could be interested in Steelers free agent wide receiver Mike Wallace. Which other teams could be after his services?

Nick Foles rumors: Chiefs could aim for Eagles quarterback -
It looks to be perfect on paper: Andy Reid and Nick Foles, together again -- in Kansas City. But do the Eagles really want to trade last year's third-round pick?

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