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2013 NFL Combine: John Lott to stay with Cardinals, will skip combine this year

Perhaps the new head coach would rather have the team's strength and conditioning coach focusing on the players on their own team.


For the past 16 years, Arizona Cardinals strength and conditioning coach John Lott has been the guy pushing draft prospects to get the most out of their bench press drill. However, according to a report by Pro Football Talk, Lott will not be a part of the NFL scouting combine.

According to the Cardinals, strength and conditioning coach John Lott won't be attending this year's Scouting Combine. Instead, he'll be staying in Arizona to work with rehabbing players and supervise any players in working out on their own, according to the team.

Why the change after all these years? My guess would be Bruce Arians. He probably wants the focus on the Cards and only the Cards.

While appearing completely unrelated, this comes on the heels of Darnell Dockett coming out and saying that he is getting off Twitter and focusing on football. It would appear that Arians is trying to limit the extracurricular stuff that his players and staff have.

As much as we all respect Lott, you cannot deny that his barking at players to get one or more reps up, part of that is for self-promotion.

If I have to speculate, I think Arians is trying to take as much of the focus on other things and get it on the Cardinals and their own players, especially since Lott had drawn criticism last year for his "motivation."

I appears that if things draw attention away from the Cardinals and their football team, it needs to be taken care of.

Yes, this is speculation, but I am sensing some new identity coming out and am impressed at these little things that (again I speculate) are happening as a result of Arians trying to fix a team that was broken.

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